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SALTWATER POOL INSTALLATION CAPE CORAL wants to inform you that all pool systems use chlorine to keep the pool clean. However, there are two main types of systems that deliver the chlorine into the pool and POOL SERVICE CAPE CORAL are experts in both. There are saltwater systems and traditional chlorine systems.

Traditional chlorine systems use chlorine liquid, granules or tablets. The chemical is added right into the water, where it mixes with the water and is distributed throughout the pool. This type of system is easy to set up and anyone can maintain it at home. It does, however, require monitoring.

Too little chlorine won’t do the pool any good and too much chlorine leads to the build up of chloramines, which can irritate skin and burn eyes.


Pool Pilot Digital Nano & Nano+
Saltwater Pool Benefits:

Never buy chlorine again

Simple to use

No more red eyes

No more itchy skin

No more faded swimwear

Environmentally friendly

Automatic cell cleaning

No more damaged hair

Energy efficient

Soft, silky feeling water

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Manifold features include:

1. In-line Strainer: The in-line strainer protects the Tri-Sensor and the Cell from debris that may by-pass the filter and obstruct either component. The location of the strainer in the connecting union makes it easy to remove for periodic cleaning.

2. Tri-Sensor: The Tri-Sensor is a three way sensing device which measures flow, salt level, and water temperature.

3. Chlorine Production Cell: The cell produces 100% pure Sodium Hypochlorite in your pool plumbing returning it to your pool.

4. Check Valve: The check valve in the Manifold allows all water flowing through the plumbing at a rate greater than 20 gallons per minute to by-pass the production cell to maximize the production of chlorine.


The Pros of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools have low chlorine intensity. In salt water pools you are not required to add chlorine in the water physically because they are using chlorine generators that typically convert salt substance to chlorine.

The water found in salt water pools are considered to be effective and gentle to the skin with a low chlorine content. This is good for people who have sensitive skin as well as those who have water allergies.

Salt water pools have a low amount of salt content compared to the salt content of the ocean water. The amount of salt found in salt water pools are the same as the amount of salt found in human tears. You can safely open their eyes while swimming in the pool. Aside from that, it is also smooth and soft in the skin.

Salt water pools require less maintenance compared to regular pools. The salt water system that the pool possesses functions as the monitoring system that automatically cleans the water pools.

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